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Crown Reductions and Thinning

Crown Reductions


This process involves reducing the size of the tree's overall canopy. This is achieved by pruning the branches evenly throughout the crown.


During this process dangerous deadwood and crossing branches are removed or pruned to minimise the possibility of pathogens and disease infecting the tree.


We can work to detailed specifications, such as reducing the tree by a certain percentage - for example 30%; taking no more than so many centimetres off the overall tree - such as 50cm.


Or we can reduce the tree to a specific height and radius - for example; 8 meters in height and a radius of 5 meters.

In mature and veteran trees, we aim to remove no more than 30% of the foliage to ensure the tree stays healthy and keeps a natural look.


Benefits of crown reduction:

•Enhances aesthetic value of the tree

•Prevents later damage

•Corrects unbalanced weight issues

•Ensures healthy re-growth

•Reduces vigorous growth

Crown Thinning


Crown Thinning involves the selective removal of inner branches evenly throughout the tree's crown.


This is an effective method of allowing light to travel through the crown and allows air to circulate more effectively throughout the canopy without altering the tree's natural shape.


As with Crown Reduction, all dangerous dead wood and crossing branches are removed during this operation.


Benefits of thinning:

•Improves health of remaining branches

•Protects the main branches from damage

•Reduces weight of the crown

•Removes potentially dangerous branches (prevention is better than cure).

•Maintains and generally improves on the aesthetic value of the tree.